The Game is on Food

“The game is on foot” is a famous quote from the infamous Sherlock Holmes, Sir Conan Doyle’s famous detective. By paraphrasing his words Wingo games welcomes you in Spiel Essen 2019 (spiel means game and essen means food in German).

This year we will be at the exhibitors’ hall 4 and our booth is I 103. By having this information you will not have to be a detective to find us. Just have a look on the map.

We will be there looking for new cases from 10 am to 7 pm every day except from Sunday. On that day we will be until 6 pm because the night is black and full of terrors.


At our booth you can find lots of clues for making your game more beautiful and not costing you a fortune.

New packs for new designers will be there. Expert engineers along with a well trained crew of US and European representatives will be available to talk with you answering your questions about everything concerning board game production and our latest addition, the GMG color management system.

Visit our booth if you are an old client and wants to renew your bonds with our company or if you want to be a new one looking for an experienced manufacturer.

We will welcome all of you with a smile.

Finally, don’t forget to give us a feedback of your visit. As Holmes would have said “people’s opinion makes as better, my dear Watson. And this is elementary”.