We have worked with WinGo for over 10 years and are very pleased with their skill and specialized and careful work. Even if we are situated in different time zones the communication works really well, and WinGo always does their best to help us with every new project .

WinGo has been exceptionally accommodating to all of my request. My game has miniatures and many different card sizes. They were able to handle all of the complexity of my game. I highly recommend them.

Working with Jessie and the WinGo team has been an absolute pleasure. Not only do they provide the high quality products that we need for our customers, but they are also manufactured on time. Their communication is clear and they provide updates throughout the process so we Always know what’s happening with our products. 

Thank you WinGo!

Jordon Marton
Friendly Rabbit Inc

WinGo was a great company to work with in getting our first big game, CHAOS OF CTHULHU, manufactured in a timely fashion after our successful Kickstarter campaign. We had originally selected another company, but they dropped the ball big-time. WinGo was able to step in and seamlessly handle the complicated dice manufacturing with great communication and competitive pricing. 

We are very happy with the final product, as are our backers. I highly recommend WinGo as one of the best manufacturing companies out there for indie game production!

Travis Watkins
Imp House Game Company

Boereplaas, the board game, wants to convey its sincere appreciation to WinGo for fantastic service and quality in manufacturing of our board game. We are a first time board game developer in South Africa and was obviously hesitant to use a manufacturer so far from our shores .
From the first day WinGo sales team understood exactly what we needed, made recommendations and was an instant replier to our e-mails as well as skype conversations. 

The level of commitment, professionalism and diligence from WinGo sales team and off course the other hard-working staff behind the scenes at WinGo. made board game manufacturing easy and even more easy to import board game from the Far East.

All the games were delivery well within our time limits and as they are selling very good in our country. It is all testimony to the excellent quality that WinGo has manufactured.

Boereplass Developer
Pretoria, South Africa

I’d like to give WinGo my complete and sincere recommendation to anyone looking for an overseas producer of board games. From getting me a fast, fair and competitive quote at the very beginning of our relationship, to the excellent final product I received at the end of the process, I found WinGo to be very professional at every level of service. It is difficult to find a company that offers such a great value these days. 

Usually if you pay less, you settle for less. With WinGo, I feel that I got the very best deal, the very best service, and a friend for life. I did not hesitate to contact them on my current project. I didn’t even look for other quotes. WinGo has my full confidence to do an exemplary job just like they did the first time. I couldn’t be happier with them.

Steve Wood
Escape Pod Games

 WinGo was fantastic to work with. The team was responsive and quick to answer questions. They were very knowledgeable about manufacturing and made good suggestions for the components when I wasn’t sure what would be best. I would definitely recommend WinGo to any up-and-coming game publisher.

Ryan Smoker
The Infantree

Wingo is awesome!  I’m new to the gaming industry and was afraid my one man company, Dog Breath Games, wouldn’t be able to find a supplier capable of producing games of high quality within my price range.  With Wingo not only did a great looking game at a great cost they also took the time to explain my options and answer my questions at every step in the process (and believe me, I had a lot of questions). 

To top it all off they even fixed issues I had with the sample at no additional cost.  Great company.  Great product.  I’m very satisfied.

Lee Kress
Dog Breath Games LLC

As a first-time publisher, WinGo was our choice because of their competitive prices. We are overall quite happy with our interactions with Amy and her team. The production quality is quite good, we’ve had many compliments on the quality of the components The only thing we’d do differently is definitely not to rush anything because there were some issues we brought up that were not addressed. We realize that it was our choice to proceed without additional samples and we should have asked for more samples even though It would have delayed our delivery. We want to thank WinGo for their patience while working with us, as we were pretty much learning on the go. 

Intelle was our first game publishing project. WinGo games was very supportive during the process. Their team was equipped to do everything I asked, and Mr. Deng was very responsive to my communication. from the initial quote to the final production and even working with the freight forwarder to get the product to the port, everything went very smoothly. The games arrived in great condition and many of our Kickstarter backers have remarked about the component quality of the game. Thanks!

David Abelson
Fisher Heaton Games

From the first email with our account manager Ivan, I knew we were in good hands. Every question was answered with detail and professionalism. We talked to another manufacturer in China and a few in the US. No one beat them on price or communication skills. We are first time creators, so we had many questions and concerns. I was able to meet the team that came to Gencon in 2016 and any question I had, they made time for me. We have completed our first Kickstarter project because we were able to rely on the people at WinGo. The manufacturing process is one you can trust and they made the shipping process seamless and convenient. I am 100% positive our project would not have been as organized and successful without WinGo.


Allison Markello
Fox & Ox Creations

As a first time creator, I contacted dozens of manufactures looking for the perfect company to produce my board game. I happily selected WinGo based on their competitive price and excellent communication.
During production they were quick to answer emails, happy to make changes and really took time to understand my needs. One such need they accommodated was my colour matching requirements. After they created the perfect samples, WinGo’s team worked hard to make sure the final copies matched the right colours and looked spectacular…and they were! I’m happy to be using this team for a second print run.

Peter Sanderson
Creator of Mothership

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We were delighted to work with Wingo Games to publish Race to the White House. The communication was clear and straightforward, the WinGo Team was extremely helpful, and the finished product was of excellent quality. We would be delighted to work with them again.

James Twiss
Bipartisan Games

We are a start up company that has no experience in publishing board games, and with WinGo Games,we were really lucky. They answered promptly and well,they’re working hard to create a perfect product. Their quo tations are really competitive. I will choose WinGo again for my next projects,for sure.

Aucler Jean-Baptiste
Manager of EpilogikEditions

It was a real pleasure working with the WinGo team during the development of our first big game project Battleborn Legacy. The game is farly complex with a large game board, 6 punchboards, custom dice, miniatures ,cards and pieces that require assembly and the WinGo team came through for us big time! We found WinGo to be very competitively priced, very responsive and genuinely concerned about our best interests.
The final product was top notch, one of our kickstarter backers even called the game a masterpiece! I am glad we chose WinGo and would absplutely recommend their services to any prospective board game developers. We certainly will be back!”

Ericj. Bartlett
Silverleaf Games LLC

I worked with WinGo on my project Tykhe Dice this year. I found them to always be helpful and looking after my best interests. The Quality of the product has lived up to expectations and their delivery times were efficient and as agreed.

Paul Birkeland-Green
Creative Director at TheHoodedMan Ltd

As a professional Graphic Designer I had high expectations not only for the output quality, but also for the communication, workflow process, templates, and proofing procedures of our printing company.

Steam Court  was our first published game, but it wasn’t our first rodeo. The team at WinGo was professional, timely in their responses, and informative—even making suggestions for how to better package our board game.

They were willing to work with us on min quantities that no one else was, and they delivered the product on time. Tantrum House was very satisfied with their services and would recommend them to others.

Will Meadows
Tantrum House

My name is David Costa, and I’m the CEO OF Saved Game, Lda, based in Portugal.

We are a startup company that has little to no experience in publishing board games, so the choice of manufacturer is absolutely key for us, both from a financial and quality points of view.

With a very restricted budget and timeline and low knowledge of the production process itself, we eventually took a chance on WinGo, and we are pleased to say that it was a success.

From the beginning we were offered professional, English-based support on several issues, from advising on materials, to adjusting quotes through dozens of iterations. WinGo always provided quick, patient and objective information that helped us to better understand and estimate the costs of the process. What we valued the most – especially as a startup company – was the clarity and speed with which we were supported, which, unlike many other manufacturers in the market, is unfortunately not the rule, especially dealing with smaller projects.

This confidence extended throughout the whole process, as we overcame all the administrative and technical issues that naturally arose, without incurring in significant hidden costs or overcharges. This leads us to the second aspect that makes us believe this partnership was a success – the scheduling and timing of the process. From the start, almost all internally-set deadlines were met, following a very streamlined and clear plan that was set out by WinGo from the beginning and which they use on every project. Apart from some natural dependence on third-party services, such as carriers, all the production and shipping tasks were performed within the acceptable timeframe that was estimated beforehand.

Finally, we can’t help but praise the professionalism and friendliness of the WinGo team that directly dealt with our project – Ivan Deng and Amy Xu. Both were incredibly helpful and excellent communicators, and made the whole process much smoother.

On behalf of our company, we’d like to thank you for all your hard work and we hope we can do business again in the future.

David Costa
CEO Of Saved Game, Lda

Dear Dreamers,
Like most start-up companies, it all begins with a dream. But the journey to make that dream a reality is paved with many obstacles along the way. Many start-up companies truly only get ONE chance to get it right at the beginning either because of time, financial or economical risks…. So finding a business partner you can trust and rely on is of the utmost importance.

We’ll, I am proud to day that JPIdeaz, LLC is now a reality with the strong support I have received from WinGo Games. They immediately gave me a dedicated agent that took the time to understand my business, my goals and my constraints and then helped me find a solution that worked.

When I needed a quick response around product design……… WinGo Games was there!

When I needed to understand production timelines and key milestones……… WinGo Games was there!

When I only had a vague understanding of what my real questions were……… WinGo Games was there!

I know I speak for just about every start-up company when I say that the process from dream to reality can be one of the most stressful and difficult things anyone can do. WinGo Games is one of the biggest reason I was able to get through all of that I hope you will let them by your strong business partner as well.

Joel Peterson
Owner of JPIdeaz, LLC

Working with WinGo on the development of Sultan’s Library has been nothing but a pleasure. Since the day we contacted them, their service has been exemplary. Always punctual when it comes to deadlines, as well as being very responsive to emails, the customer service was top notch.

The final copy of our game came out better than I could have hoped. With great quality production, and a great fulfillment service to boot, I can definitely recommend WinGo to any prospective board game developer.

Ryno Lourens
Photon Games

It has been a pleasure working with WinGo. They have produced two games for me now and both have been top quality, reasonably priced, and the customer service for the production has been superb. I am not even considering another company for my next game as I have been extremely happy with the services they have provided me. I cannot recommend them enough.

Dan Letzring
Letiman Games LLC

WinGo is a fantastic company to work with and I’m very happy to have found them as I was working to complete my Kickstarter for the WEB OF SPIES board game.

Not only were they very responsive, but also patient and helpful throughout the process. I could not have achieved such high quality without them. Communication was excellent and they were quick to surface any issues that arose, which allowed me to keep my backers informed and happy, and ultimately ship the game on schedule! I cannot recommend them enough, and I look forward to printing my next game using their services.

Code Medeiros
Code Medeiros Games

I just want to say from the first moment I started working with WinGo Games they have treated me with respect and kindness. They have done my first game and I, being a beginner, didn’t have the slightest idea what to do. They went through every step with me. They were prompt on response time. They were wonderful helping me with the shipping. I can’t say enough about what they have done for me. These are some of the reasons they will be doing my next game and the one after that.

Runecast would not look as beautiful as it does were it not made by WinGo. Since the beginning of this project, Charm City Games second Kickstarter, WinGo has helped answer any questions that arose during the manufacturing process. The sales team at WinGo has been in constant contact with me during the entire process and we have formed a business relationship and friendship throughout the process. The level of personal attention and intimate understanding of game manufacturing at WinGo is far greater than their competitors. WinGo provided not only the best quote I received, but also were able to adjust the quote and work with me to get the manufacturing costs for Runecast within my Kickstarter budget. I will be working with WinGo for all upcoming board games I produce.

God Hates Charades was masterfully made in the hands of WinGo. Since this was our first Kickstarter and first game we had a lot of questions and WinGo helped us solve all of our problems. WinGo game sales team has been in constant communication with our team and given us great personal attention to help sort out the details and answer all of our questions. They also provided us a very professional and accurate quote, updating as necessary throughout the process.

As first time game manufacturers, WinGo really made the process easy for us. They prepared templates, suggested manufacturing specifications and even arranged the shipment so all we had to do was sit back and wait for our games to arrive. We received half a dozen quotes from other manufacturers and WinGo was the most competitive as well as the quickest to respond to all the questions we had. We really appreciated their courteous service and expertise.

Ryan Haldeman
Bored Shorts TV

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I was very much a newbie to the game when I stumbled upon WinGo Games China, for the manufacture of E-motion Cards for kids. Idecided on WinGo after doing intensive research on the internet for a suitable manufacturer.

WinGo were the most reasonably priced, and once we worked through the initial communication problems, it was all systems go. The WinGo Games Team went above and beyond to assist me through the whole process, and kept up the communication all the way through production.

The cost of printing the cards was reasonable and cost effective, with the end product being one that I am very pleased with. The cards are presented in boxes with layered level for the smaller and larger cards. Overall, it presents as a quality product.

I would have no hesitation in recommending WinGo Games to anybody who is looking for an overseas manufacturer of cards of games.

Annie O’Brien

WinGo Games have to be the ultimate games manufacturer.  I am a self publishing  author and wanted a board game to complement my illustrated children’s book ‘The Rainbow Chicks’.  Bearing in mind the setting-up costs of machinery etc, a small order is generally not undertaken by a manufacturer of this calibre.  However, they took me on as a client and patiently guided me through my quotation requirements (none of which I understood) until that wonderful day when my games were being boxed-up ready for shipping.  But their client care didn’t end there; when my games were held up by Customs, WinGo contacted the courier company to try and speed up the process.  My games arrived yesterday, all securely packaged, and how excited was I to open one.  The colour reproduction was spot on. All 36 playing pieces fitted snugly into their sliders and then into the sturdy bespoke storage tray. Playing cards can sometimes be too flimsy, but not when made by WinGo Games. I cannot praise their customer care enough; going that extra mile to make sure my game was of the highest quality and how I wanted it to be.

It has been a pleasure working with WinGo. It is the first time that we create a board game and WinGo has taught and help us a lot. The production quality was excellent. WinGo works very fast and they are very professional. They have been a great choice and I would recommend WinGo to others without a doubt.

Marketing Director

As a first-time publisher, I found it very easy to work with WinGo. They were very helpful and quick to respond to any concern. I was also very happy with the overall quality of components, especially for the low price of production.

Isaac Childres
Cephalofair Games

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Wingo Games. I had an idea for a board game but had no idea where to begin. I am a stay at home mum of three children living in Australia with no experience in the games industry or printing/manufacturing industry.

As I searched the internet I came across Wingo games. I was a little hesitant in contacting them as I was unsure how good our communication would be and also I wasn’t even really sure what to ask them. I sent a letter to Wingo briefly explaining my idea and it was the best move I made. They were so helpful from day one. There was no communication barrier. They sent out a sample game so I could see the quality and types of card that I may want to use for my own game. They responded to all my questions very promptly and efficiently. They gave me advice, options and feedback. Together we finalised my game. They sent me a sample of my own game and it was very exciting. It was perfect. The quality was better than I imagined for such a great price!

Production started almost immediately after I approved the games and Wingo communicated with me daily to keep me updated on the progress. They helped organise testing to ensure it met Australian standards and even helped with shipping contractors. Whilst in transit, Wingo continued their excellent customer service by checking in to see if there was any other help I needed and to make sure the games arrived safely at my end. When the games arrived I was very pleased to see how professional they were packaged and boxed together. We have not had a problem with quality control and every game sold so far has had no issues.

As I showed my family and friends what I had made they were very surprised. They could not believe that I had made a game, and got it printed, boxed and ready to sell. They told me how professional they were and asked how I did it. I told them about Wingo and they were even more surprised that I had them made overseas, and that there were no communication problems. I could not have made these games so well if I did not find Wingo.  They are a professional company who pride themselves on effective communication, respect, quality and friendships. They are a top competitor on price, quality and efficiency.

Thank you so much team Wingo, I recommend you to anyone wanting to make a game or similar and can assure them they will not be disappointed.

Yours sincerely and forever grateful,

Two things really made WinGo stand out from the others in the early parts of our projects. For one, they responded very quickly to my requests for help, my questions, and my need for budgetary quotes. It was not out of the ordinary for me to write an email to them and receive a response within one or two days. Secondly, they were very knowledgeable of their business and the process. If there was a better solution than what we proposed, they would tell me. WinGo was also very would have achieved with every other company.

When it actually came down to production, quality was top notch! From the quality of the miniaturers to the way they packaged the games and cartons for freight shipping , we were extremly pleased. With nine pallets being transported all the way from China to the United States, not a single carton of games was damage. This is a tribute to their experience. Our backers and customers have been very pleased with the quality of the games! While there have been some customers with a missing piece here and there, those have been VERY few in number compared to the number of games that were shipped out .

All in all, our exprience with WinGo have been very positive, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to another designer. If anyone has any questions about the process, I would be happy to answer them and explain our experience in greater depth.

Thank you, WinGo, for helpping RAINN Studios to get our first product off the ground!

Seth Robinson
RAINN Studios, partner

It was a pleasure working with WinGo. They were very professional and also extremely responsive.

Speed of response was one of the main reasons we decided to work with WinGo. Whenever I had questions or problems, I could always expect a prompt answer, even during off hours and weekends.

Of course the production quality was excellent. Everything, from the initial quote until the moment we got our hands on our product, went smoothly and were handled professionally.

I highly recommend WinGo to others and I have no doubt that we will continue to work with them in our future projects.

WinGo was fast, courteous, professional at all times, and a true joy to work with.  Will for sure do business with them again, would recommend them first to anyone in the industry!

Aaron Belmer
Magic House Games

I ordered a pre-run production to our carefully selected(among many) manufacturer WinGo Industry Ltd to be sure that they were able to manufacture the board game and specifically the most challenging high-quality plastic piece: the letter tile.

Wingo Industry Ltd invested a lot of time and technical expertise in producing the perfect letter tile and all other components. Their dedication and high level of competence have really made a difference. 

Michel Nizon
Creator of WordTov

Working with WinGo was a real pleasure. Overall quality is great and the communication is perfect. The team is always willing to help and resolve any problem quickly.

I will definitely recommend them. Special thanks to Mark and Shirley, you were great my friends.”

Wingo Games manufactured the Yushino board game in China. At first we were wary of collaborating halfway across the world, but they were very professional from the start, they delivered exactly what they promised, and we only had to go through one QA iteration: we received a prototype, made some changes, they were implemented in the final product. They even took care of shipping and insurance! Highly recommended!

Yiannis Tsiounis, Ph.D.
Yushino LLC

WinGo have been fantastic to work with: fast to respond to any email, great solutions to problems we faced and very pleasant to work with. The customer service is fantastic and attention to detail on our product was second to none. Often customers will comment of the quality of the box and contents which is of course 100% down to the team at WinGo. Would highly recommend them.

David McGranaghan
C.E.O.Giggly Games Ltd.
“Game For Fame”

The entire collaboration process with Wingo have worked perfectly. Wingo has through the whole process has been very proactive and come up with suggestions on how things could be done differently. Wingo has also acted independently and designed the paper trays themselves – with a brilliant result. Wingo has complied with all agreements, and the quality of the service as well as of the products have been very good. They have replied promptly, whenever I have sent a mail. They have provided a service beyond what could be expected at almost all times of the day. Finally Wingo is able to provide a one stop service by taking care of the entire production process and the shipment of the games to Copenhagen in a cheap and reliable way.

WinGo has been professional, efficient and at all times communicated with us regarding the progress of our order. Our first board game is now complete and we are very excited with the end product. The quality of the product we received was exceptional and the feedback we have received from customers has been positive. We look forward to creating other products and working with WinGo to see them come to life.  We would recommend WinGo.

Leza Sullivan
Childaware LLC

I’m very happy with the quality products that WinGo provided me with. The quality of the game cards and game board is just amazing. Not only that, but the custom injection molds that they did for my cyclist statues are just breathtaking. WinGo made the injections with so many details and precise finish. Also communication and delivery of the product were excellent which made the WinGo Company to pleasure to work with.

Marcin Wojcik
Atlantic Container Service LLC

We knew close to nothing about producing boardgames when we contacted WinGo and other boardgame manufacturers. WinGo was not only the fastest to answer but by far the most helpful and friendly. They were patient with our questions and it became clear to us that their strong point was customer service. They worked with us through dozens of emails and ensured that every little detail was how we wanted it to be. We got one copy of our game shipped to Finland so we could be sure of the quality before mass production.

In addition to the manufacturing service, WinGo was able to arrange transportation and laboratory testing for the CE mark that is important for Europeans. We just gave them an address in Finland and the games arrived. It was that easy. I called customs and they told me all the paperwork was in order – there were no delays or extra fees for us to pay.

If you need to get a boardgame done, I sincerely recommend using WinGo services!

Jere Linnanen
Eduplus Ltd.

WinGo has proven to be a very solid solution for us at The Flux Capacity for our game printing needs!

With our first game now complete, we are looking forward to working with WinGo in the future. They have exhibited a good level of communication and their professional attitude towards the manufacturing process is a huge assent in ensuring that we are able to being a high quality product to market.

Josh Bricker
The Flux Capacity

Wanted: Igor! was our first of (hopefully) many board games, and WinGo has helped us make it possible. WinGo was there the whole way to answer questions and to help us inexperienced game developers bring our game home. They are flexible, interested in what they are doing and go out of their way to help where they can. The game both looks and feels awesome, and we’re very happy with the quality of both the print and the components. It’s been a real pleasure working with them and we are already working on our next project and we look forward to working with them again when it’s ready.

Anders Lystad Brevik
Kvasir Games I/S

I’d like to take this time to sincerely thank WinGo, and to give them my complete recommendation for anyone who is going to have a game made. I knew very little about the process, as this was my first board game production. They gave me the best quote with being very professional and knowledgeable. They were with me every step of the way, and calmed any fear that I may have had with the whole process. What I liked best about WinGo was the communication between us. If had a question, they would get right back with me. Other companies would take days or weeks to get back with me. They were very friendly and went out of their way to please me. I consider WinGo as my friend now, and I can’t wait to have them start on another game that I am coming out with. WinGo has my full confidence that they will do an excellent job on any future game that I want to bring to market. WinGo cares about their customers, and they take special care of them. I am very pleased with the services they have provided me

Christina M. Swartz
Christian Book and Toys LLC

You know, when someone is searching for luck, (s)he usualy find it. That’s how I got the WinGo. I had luck. Know why? Because WinGo is the best. If you ask me: “How’s that?” I will tell you. Among the bunch of game producers in the world, WinGo will give you the best quality for reasonable price, the best service, and after all, you wil get better product than you even wanted it before. WinGo team can give you recommendations, how to promote you product to higher level. Of course if you want. If you don’t want, it doesn’t matter. It still will be the best. You just can’t miss. Hey, you are doing business with WinGo. You know what I mean? Win.Go. Got that?

To be honest, I did not expect this kind of business approach. When I got the sample of my game, I was truly satisfied what I get. The final product is even better. Of course, I will continue cooperation with WinGo, and I want to promise something. They will never get rid of me. Never

Mr Miroslav Ristić – Мр Мирослав Ристић
Kriejtiv DOO Belgrade

We were first time game makers and had no idea where to start when it came to producing our card game. WinGo not only had most competitive price, they proved to be invaluable partners as we learned the ins and outs of making our product. They are always prompt, professional, and able to customize anything based on our needs. They were extremely patient with us, offering advice on printing options that would save us money while keeping our quality high. Now that our game is successful we’re starting the process of printing the next edition, and there wasn’t even a question in our minds, WinGo is the printer we want to work with.

Patrick Reynolds
Question Quest