After an unusual CNY holiday, we’re happy to announce that WinGo Games has resume working on last Monday FEB.10, this is a really good news for all of us.

We understand everybody is very concern on the Coronavirus outbreak in China, actually in 2 weeks before when everybody is still in holiday, WinGo has made full preparation including necessary resources and documents against to the virus, so we came to the first batch of manufacturers who passed the inspection from government and get official permission to resume working, which is at least 2 weeks earlier than the others.

By the time of lacking labor we’re doing our best to schedule production in various options,  we have confidence to improve this situation shortly and catch up the time we lost, if you need the latest status of your game, please check with your account manager or contact us by info@wingogames.com, your message will be answered within 48hours.

Let’s cheer up for 2020!

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    Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

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