Meet WinGo at Hall 4-I103 in Essen Spiel 2019

This year WinGo Games is going to Essen Spiel with a most powerful top international team, who is eager to meet professional designers as well as board game fans. You might discuss with the WinGo experts about your game, get answers to your long-haunting puzzles, gain sharp insight into the industry and get fully inspired. What’s more, WinGo Games has something very special for you, the designer kit and component pack.

A Designer Kit that Sparks Your Enthusiasm

Designer Kit 2

Designer Kit 3

Ever since the Designer Kit was born in our idearoom, it has been well received as a sample kit.
A sample kit being free, we cannot provide much more than we would like to creators.
By popular demand, we had launched the Designer Kit 2 as a commercial product. Its crowdfunding in China has received great success.
The Designer Kit 3 is coming soon…

A component Pack that Focuses on Your Needs

We have created special component packs for you. Now you can have the exact pieces that you need for your game without having to carry around any excess weight. We have created 8 different special packs
  1. Grey core poker size cards (standard cards for your game)
  2. Customized 6 dices (make your own unique dices)
  3. Tokens and standees (the most essential components of a game)
  4. Plastic cubes (merchandise, energy or treasure cubes will excite your fantasy)
  5. Wooden chips (you can use them as indexes or markers. The choice is yours)
  6. Wooden meeples (the most common component)
  7. Hexagon tiles (you create the board for your game)
  8. Plastic gems and diamonds. (luxury components that any game would want to have)
Whatever you want, we’ve got it here.
Just visit our booth and ask for it.