Designer Kit Origins

The Origin Story

WinGo’s Designer Kit has been out in the tabletop world for quite some time. While the reception of our designer kit has been fantastic, many designers have yet to know why the Designer Kit was conceived. Let us share a short history of our kit and its future.

For the longest time, it has been an industry standard for any manufacturers to provide sample boxes for their valued customers. A sample box had only one purpose: for customers to examine the quality of materials and then choose the relevant ones suited to their needs. The practice is the same for board game manufacturing.

We saw the rise of Kickstarter (Tabletop Games) in the year of 2017, that brought about many new and aspiring game creators. While these creators were creative at innovating and conceptualizing games, they usually lacked the experience in dealing with manufacturing. With many creators and game publishers, we came across a few common problems faced by them.

“How do I decide on what materials to use?”
“How do I cut cost without sacrificing too much of my design quality?”
“What is the best way to present my game?”

A good tabletop game design is ultimately a good product design. The user experience, the player experience, needs to be as good as the game mechanics. We looked at all these aspects and decided to make our sample kit multi-functional.

We called it The Designer Kit

We were the first in our industry to give added value to the sample kit. This kit is not like any other, which are normally put aside after quality check. It provides an array of components that are commonly used, in abundance. As such, You can start designing on these components straight out of the box.

We also included many print-on instructions on the components itself to guide you through the process of manufacturing. These instructions will give you a better understanding of game file preparation, wasting you less time on producing your games. Finally, it comes with a complete Guide book that helps you make a better game, one that is cost efficient and professional.

Redesigning Designer Kit

We heard you.

Fast forward to the present, our team has taken your feedback and has worked tirelessly to come out with a Designer Kit better suited to you.

Introducing, the Designer Kit 2.

You get more. 
DK2 includes even more components: 4 different colour coded tokens, dice, meeples and 2 different types of cubes. Expand the possibilities of your game to include more players, more mechanics and more in-depth gameplay.

Brand new inclusions.
The DK2 now comes with character cards, player screens. More customization, more platforms to bring your game to life.

An all-around upgrade. 
Many of the original components have been given a makeover, with the intention of a cleaner, more refined look.

We have also further fine-tuned our provided tips for the creation and manufacturing of your final product, following the constructive criticism we have received.

DK Needs You.

We are not finished yet.
In fact, the Designer Kit will  always be incomplete without constant input from game creators like you.
We have plans for so much more and these plans engaged you.

Starting from now, make your games come true. Support us and other aspiring game designers.

Join us in our Designer Kit discussion, we want to hear more from you.

Talk to other game designers. Gather new insights, exchange feedback, get inspired.