Behind the Scenes

The game reaches your hands nicely packaged, ready to be enjoyed. 
Have you ever wondered how the games are mass produced at the same quality?
Here is a behind the scenes look at some of the processes that have gone into the creation of every tabletop game.

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Oil Varnishing

Components like gameboards, token cut outs and cards are given a glossy or matt finish. The paper oil coating makes the sheets slightly waterproof. This prevents them from getting wet easily from humidity, during transport, or even from your accidental drink spillage.

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Surface Drying

Right after the varnishing process, the sheets are thoroughly dried by strong fans to get rid of unwanted moisture before they are then collected to be packaged into their game boxes. 

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Box Forming

Box art cannot not printed directly on boxes as cardboard absorbs ink too well. Instead, the design is printed on a thin sticker and attached. Once a process done by hand, every box is now put through this machine to ensure the sticker is fastened securely. 

Shrink Wrapping

We shrink wrap most game boxes and components to ensure the the games remain unscathed after the arduous journey to your doorstep from our factory. The machine ensures the shrink wrap is airtight and made of plastic durable enough to accomplish this objective.

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A portion of our factory space is used for storing the massive quantities of games that are ready to be shipped. They are packaged into numbered bundles and sealed, to ensure every last game is accounted for.  

Component Storage

Storing of spare components, or components that have yet to be packed. 

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The Office

It’s not just about the manufacturing. We have many staff doing the marketing, sales, account management, to name but a few. This is where your requests are read and your quotes are generated.

High Precision Cutting

A machine specifically used for prototyping. Our engineers use a specific program to map out a precise cutting route, which the cutter will use to produce the the desired shape with exact dimensions. The high speed and sharpness of the machine always leaves behind a clean cut.

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Card Cutting

A clean and swift cut makes for high quality cards. You wouldn’t want your finger in there, that’s for sure.

Reattachable Tokens

Every part in our game boxes should be functional. For the eco-friendly user, reusable token boards which help with token organisation.

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